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Company Training

‘Company Training

Company Driving Assessments. 

The Health and Safety at work Act 2015 places an obligation on employers to protect their staff against hazards in the work place. With regular and routine driving, errors, slippages and overconfidence can appear in your employees driving. Investment in your employees driving can reduce the development of risky driving habits and behaviours that can endanger your employees, the public and minimise the likelihood of unnecessary damage to company assets and property.

We can also reduce your business carbon foot print by training them in fuel efficient driving processes.

Ensure your employees have the skills and confidence to operate your company vehicles with A1 Driving School workplace Driving Assessment.

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Company Driver Training.

Every organisation can benefit from refreshing and up dating the working skills of it’s staff. Driving skills are no exception, and workplace driver training can benefit both individual staff and the organisation as a whole with safer driving practices and more confidence when dealing with hazards in driving.

Training is particularly important for professional drivers and staff who have recently been involved in crashes. It can also benefit contractors, volunteers and staff who don’t drive as part of their job, but do so to and from work.

Regular driver training can be part of your workplace health and safety policy, boosting the skills, experience and confidence of your workforce. It also offers and added benefit for those woking for your company that they can be part of a good workplace culture.

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