Company Training

There is a growing recognition by employers that the Health and Safety Act 1993 places a strong obligation on them to protect their staff against hazards in the work place. Plainly, that includes driving company vehicles on the road.

Under the Act, if the employer cannot eliminate or isolate a hazard of the work place, they must give their staff training to avoid that hazard. Increasingly, employers are deciding that since hazards on the road cannot be eliminated, they must ensure their staff are well equipped to avoid those hazards.

Every organisation can benefit from refreshing and up dating the working skills of it’s staff. Driving skills are no exception and driver training will benefit both individual staff and your organisation as a whole. Training is particularly important for professional drivers, staff who are driving a company or pool vehicles, inexperience drivers, staff who have recently been involved in crashes and those who drive their own vehicle to work. Also do not forget about your voluntary workers and contractors. Make driver training a matter of policy, so that individual staff don’t feel as if they are being singled out.

We believe there are many other good reasons why businesses should consider a Driver Education Programme as part of their vehicle fleet management plan.

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