A1 Driving School – Wellington and Porirua

Test Booking


If you want to a book a practical driving test and use our driving school car you need to follow the following steps:

1 – First our Driving Instructor will need to see and assess your driving at least two weeks before the test date you are wanting to book for, this lets us know that you are ready to sit the Driving Test. This will require you to do a driving lesson to check you have all the skills you need for the test and that these skills are at the correct level of competence to pass the test.
2 – The test can then be booked online at the web link: https://transact.nzta.govt.nz/transactions/LicenceTestBooking/entry
Important: When booking your test please ring our office (04) 3877480 at the same time you are online to confirm that the Driving School car is available at the time and date you are wanting to book the test for.
If booking a practical test be aware if you try to Move or Cancel your test within two full working days of the test date. (The full two working days period excludes weekends, public holidays, the day of the test and the day you make the change), then you will loose your test fee and will need to repay this before booking another test. So it is important that you are aware of this so make sure your instructor has said it’s ok to book the driving test.

Remember we want your test day to go well for you, so you achieve your licence.

Your success is our success!