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Help your students achieve the first steps to a driving career.

Many students take learning to drive in their stride. Financially and obtaining tuition is not a hurdle for them, it is purely a recreational pass time. However for those students not academically inclined achieving a driver’s licence can allow them to embark on a wide range of career options. It only takes a moment to think of how many careers involve driving.

Employers see a licence as a definite advantage. In today’s economic climate even if an employee’s primary occupation does not involve driving there are quite often situations such as: running errands, picking up people, or even getting to and from work especially if working shift work, where a licence would give the employee an added advantage. The class one licence or car licence is the first of six classes, each class offering more employment opportunities.

It is our aim to provide information to those with direct contact to students who are considering or in the process of learning to drive.

By working in partnership with Teachers, Driving Instructors can provide students with a safe cost-effective methods of obtaining the necessary theoretical, practical and attitudinal skills necessary to achieving a Driving Qualification.

Already Driver Education programmes are operating in some schools as part of their school curriculum or in lunch hours. Now with the introduction of unit standards for learning to drive and Advanced Courses these are added opportunities for students to gain credits towards their National Certificates.

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